Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sales Cliches - Part 3

Just seconds ago the sales guy who sits behind me (who is a really good guy, by the way) went on a good old-fashioned Sales Cliche rampage. I've heard, "You're good-to-go" a few times, something about a "silver bullet," "there's more than one way to skin a cat," and then he uttered my new favorite...

You're trying to put twenty pounds of [CENSORED] in a ten pound bag.

I'm just trying to figure out ways that I can incorporate this one at home, at athletic association board meetings and church. Wish me luck.


Arby said...

Dolly Parton uttered a variation of this comment after she fell out of the top of a strapless dress in front of a live audience. "Daddy always told me to never put ten pounds of taters in a five pound sack!" It's a little cleaner for the church crowd.

David Plass said...

We used to use it in reference to Cub Scout meetings(!). Something along the lines of "overplan your meeting, as if you were putting 20 lbs of x in a 10 lbs sack". So good luck with that.

Sniz said...

"Sales-Cliche Rampage"? I love that! But I'm a little curious about what word was censored. Twenty pound bag of what? Cockroaches? Tennis balls?

East of Eden said...

Make sure to add meow mewo butterpants in there as well, that's your signature line.

Steve Martin said...


____ from Shinola.

_ H I T.

(the letter that goes in the blank is between R and T)

Randy said...


I was about ready to tell Sniz what the missing word was but Steve beat me to it. Too funny.

By the way, I mentioned racing on my post for today and included your name. However, you may grimmace because it isn't the kind of racing you're fond of! Ha.