Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Opinions on Paper Towels - America Wants to Know!

I participate in regular online surveys from Harris Poll. It's usually nothing all that eventful and takes up just a little bit of my time every week or so. Plus, when I fill out enough stupid surveys, I can earn free stuff. But imagine my surprise today when I got the following invitation:

We're interested in getting your thoughts and opinions regarding paper towels.

Someone wants to know what I REALLY think about paper towels. I've been waiting all my life for this one moment. I've written several letters to my Congressman and was even coming up with an outline for my book on the subject. I was leaning towards the title, Bounty and Me.

But seriously, I just spent ten minutes of my life filling out a survey about paper towels and I can never get that time back. However, I'm only twenty points away from getting a combination nail-clipper/salad tongs item I've had my eye on for a long time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How the Big-League Ball Players Pitch

A great photo of Bronson Arroyo from the mound appeared on the Cincinnati Reds home page today.

The Reds starting right-hander really adds to his momentum by getting that left leg up so high in the air.

Now, here's Bronson throwing his signature 200 mph fastball by doubling his momentum...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Month of May in Indy

It's May 1st here in Indianapolis. For race fans, that means one thing...NASCAR races at Richmond, Darlington and Atlanta, right? Unfortunately, that's what has happened all over the country--even Indianapolis: the home of open-wheel racing in America. I don't know how many times I've heard conversations here between two or more guys where one of them says something like, "I used to be an open-wheel fan, but I follow NASCAR now. I like [insert favorite dumb driver name here]."

If you want to watch NASCAR, go ahead. Deep down inside, I'm a race fan and cannot tell you what to watch. If you enjoy week after week (32 in a season, I think) of races that last 4-5 hours where the drivers often purposefully run into each other and the fans throw beers bottles at you after you win a race, have at it. But if you live in Central Indiana, you need to teach your kids about the "500" (not that thing they do in Daytona every February). Tell them about Rodger Ward, Rick Mears, AJ Foyt, the Unser family, and even some of today's greats like Helio Castroneves (the FIRST guy to climb a fence after a race), Sam Hornish Jr., and Dan Wheldon. If you have daughters, let them dream about racing at the famed 2 1/2 mile oval just like Sarah Fisher and Danica Patrick (and perhaps Milka Duno).

Regardless of where you live--if you're a race fan, you need to respect the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing." You would also like the competitive action found in the Indy Racing League's current 17 race schedule where the races last no more than a couple hours (with the exception of the 500) and the competition is intense.