Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's More Important?

In my recent adventures in music I've been listening to and reading about Paul McCartney's music career after the break-up of The Beatles. I found this bit of information to be very interesting...

As the Beatles were breaking up in 1970, McCartney was working on his debut solo album, McCartney. Backing vocals were provided by his wife, Linda, whom he had married the previous year. McCartney had insisted from the beginning of their marriage that his wife should be involved in his musical projects, so that they did not have to be apart when he was on tour. (source: Wikipedia)
Sadly, if you've followed the careers of The Beatles at all you'll easily stumble upon harsh criticism against Paul for his wife's involvement in his music, as well as for John Lennon with his wife Yoko. But regardless of what you think about some of the music that was affected by the wives of the musicians, there's something to be said for Paul's commitment to his late wife Linda. Husbands, what do we do in our everyday (i.e. non-ex Beatles) lives to protect and preserve the relationship we have with our wives?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Still Have a Blog...

...but I'm not sure why. For the most part, I've always set out to provide something mildly amusing on this blog...and I'm not sure why.

Lately, I've been much more serious about my life. I still have the same stupid sense of humor that I've always had, but I'm much more critical of how I use my time. Blogging is just not important enough to devote much time to it (at least, not as much as I used to). This is not a blanket judgment statement on those of you who continue to blog. I'd actually like to get back in the habit of reading some of your blogs again.

So, I'm not sure how often I'll post here or what I'll have to say and I'm sure that will devastate millions of people who show up to this blog every day. Of course I'm joking. However, there were actually a few days when I had hundreds of unique visits to my silly blog because of something I posted on Cake Wrecks.

For anyone that cares, here's what I'm serious about these days...

My wife.

My son. I have three kids and a wife who all need me, but by teenage boy needs me more than ever. If you're a dad and you're raising boys, let me recommend the book King Me by Steve Farrar.

My work. I have a great job that I love. In today's economy I know that's rare and I count it a huge blessing. I'm making the most of every minute and I'm really enjoying it.

Dryer Lint. I collect it and I'm planning to sell it on ebay. Not really--but it wouldn't be my blog without something incredibly stupid included in the post. Meow. Meow. Butterpants.