Friday, September 4, 2009

Adventures in Music - Jeff Lynne

I'm still here--in case you were wondering. It seems like I go in spurts where I'll concentrate on this blog, Facebook or TrackForum (where I post as "Media Boy"--I'm a big IndyCar fan in case you didn't know).

Yesterday I was copying some of my old CDs to put on my iPOD and rediscovered the genius that is Jeff Lynne. Mr. Lynne started and was the brains behind Electric Light Orchestra. He's also produced a boat-load of major albums--all with his signature sound. I have a copy of Armchair Theatre that I haven't spun in years. This is great stuff. Oh, and as it turns out...this CD is out of print and sells for at least $25 on-line. Anybody want to buy mine?

So, it wasn't a stellar post, but it's something. Plus, I owe some visits to my blog friends. I promise to get around your way soon.