Monday, February 2, 2009

Meeting With the High Church

This past Saturday my wife and I had the privilege of meeting some blog friends (some that I mentioned last week) at a Starbucks in Brownsburg. They were on their way to Lutheran Home School group that meets up in Ft. Wayne. If you know anything about Ft. Wayne (and I do since I was born and raised in the area) you know it's FULL O' LUTHERANS.

We met The Elephant's Child, A Round Unvarnish'd Tale and Boots on the Ground. Let me just report a few things:

  • There were no elephants.
  • No Varnish
  • Boots on the Ground was not wearing boots (that I recall--actually, I didn't even look at her shoes. I'll bet my wife did because women always notice what other women are wearing.
  • All three of these ladies have real names.
Actually, it was a great meeting. I think we talked for over an hour about parenting, teaching, blogging, etc. It's always interesting when you get to meet someone that you've gotten to know via the computer. All three of these ladies are top notch, 100% genuine people and I'm blessed to have met them personally. It seemed to me as if we were all instantly very comfortable with each other and talked freely the whole time.

Of course, that was just MY impression. They all could have thought that I was completely nuts.


Elephantschild said...

I'd like to state for the record that Big Doofus is not reall all that "doofus-ey."

We had a blast. It was great to meet you guys for real!

Cheryl said...

BD, you and Miss Sniz are just as cool in the flesh as you are in cyberspace. And you're no more nuts than we are.

Not that that's saying much. :-)

Melody said...

Yes, I was wearing boots. They were not my muck boots, or a pair of combat boots. They were brown leather boots made by Grey Goose or some such.
And it WAS great to meet you both!

Sniz said...

EC, I don't think he's a Doofus either. (Although I might be prejudiced).

Uvulapie said...

It should be noted that while Big Doofus is not really a doofus he does play one on TV.

eally said...

That's so cool to meet cyberfriends in person!