Saturday, February 28, 2009

Entering THEIR World

Here's an easy parenting tip for you all--especially you dads with little girls. Anytime you get a chance, enter into their little fantasy world. Their eyes light up and their spirits will glow.

As I write this, Snip and Snap (my daughter and my niece) are playing Pretty Pretty Princess with their Build-a-Bears, Sasha and Sissy. Sasha and Sissy are an important part of their lives. A few minutes ago I heard Snip tell Snap that purple was Sasha's favorite color. Well, last night I had to pick up Sasha at around 11:45 at night because Snip left her at grandma and grandpa's house. So, I decided to interrupt their game to tell the girls that Sasha's favorite color was orange and that I knew this because she told me last night when I had to pick her up (she was also a bit miffed about being left at the grandparents' house and having to sit on the front porch in a doll's car seat--but that's another story). Apparently, Snip thought that purple was Sasha's favorite color all these years and Sasha just went along with it so as not to hurt her feelings even though she really prefers orange. Of course, I told Snap all about this and I love how she went along with the whole thing. It has been incorporated into their world and it's precious. I'm a bit of a goof (or "doof") anyway, so it's easy for me to enter into this world now and then. Dad's--DO IT. I'm quite certain that your kids will love it.

Update, Sasha the bear was running away with this game of Pretty Pretty Princess until Sissy came out of nowhere to win it all.


Toni said...

Yep, Narcoleptic Dad is sooo on board with this kind of play. Hence the reason he was all decked out for a tea party last winter (and I have the photo to prove it, hee hee).

hangman said...

Just between you and me, Sissy is a gamer.

Elephantschild said...

It's what makes a good dad simply awesome.

Rebekah said...

You're a fun Dad!

Mr. E said...

All of my family (2 kids and wife) have made an animal at Build a Bear Workshop except me. I want to stuff an animal!

By the way...My list of Lists in 2008 is finished. I accepted your challenge.