Monday, February 9, 2009

Girding Your Lions

I've been reading about the Passover in Exodus lately, as it relates to what I'm reading about in the book of John (yes, I'm so holy and righteous--I read the bible). Anyway, I came across the phrase "gird your loins" in Exodus Chapter 12 and I really had not thought about what that means. As it turns out, it has to do with preparing your strength so that you're ready to use it instantly. With the Passover, the firstborn of every family in Egypt was going to be killed by the angel of death. You were only protected if you put the blood from the Passover lamb on your doorposts and above your door (the lentil). As the angel came around to your house and saw that you were protected or spared by the Passover lamb, it would move on to the next house. Jesus is our Passover lamb in that he paid the ultimate price for us...powerful stuff.

And yet, this blog doesn't usually dip into the deep spiritual significance of things. I leave that to other blogs where I participate with my comments. It's only appropriate that here on Big Doofus Blog I tell you what came up on when I looked up "loins". Yes, I got the actual definition of loins and they even had the expression "gird your loins," but the geniuses at's advertising department decided that "loins" and "lions" must have been similar because I got advertisements to by tickets to Detriot Lions football games. If you follow NFL Football, the Lions have been anything but a show of strength for the past few years. In fact, they made NFL history this year by putting up a perfect season--0 and 16.


steve martin said...

Sometimes I feel like a Lion's fan.

Sometimes I wish I had a bag to put over my head.

I think the Lord has a soft spot in His heart for losers.

I hope so.

Elephantschild said...

One of my cousins had her wedding reception at the Loins Hall in her town.

I still have the wedding invitation to prove it.

She's now divorced. But she does have 3 children to prove that her ex-hubby's lions were fully functional.

Arby said...

So, are Detroit fans supposed to gird their lions? Are they supposed to put lamb blood over the door jambs at Ford Field to keep the angel of 0-8 from visiting their beloved team this year and hope that the road schedule works itself out?? I am so confused!

Timothy Power said...

And while we're at it, we should probably distinguish between lintels and lentils. A "lintel" is "a horizontal architectural member spanning and usually carrying the load above an opening". A "lentil" is a "widely cultivated Eurasian annual leguminous plant (Lens culinaris) with flattened edible seeds and leafy stalks used as fodder". If you get them mixed up, you wind up putting the blood on your lentils (which incidentally makes them non-kosher), and you try to eat the doorframe (which is also non-kosher).


We used to have a Chinese restaurant in our neighboorhood with the name of "Hunan Lions". I just happened to glance incidentally at the TV screen for a fraction of a second during one of their commercials, and about two seconds later the image finally registered on my brain as "Human Loins". I did a classic double take before realizing just what it was they were (and were not) selling....

steve martin said...


"Are they supposed to put lamb blood over the door jambs at Ford Field to keep the angel of 0-8 from visiting their beloved team this year and hope that the road schedule works itself out??"

Couldn't hoyt!

scott said...

I just think "loins" is a cool word. Maybe Detroit should change their name next year. The Detroit Loins has quite the ring to it.

Randy said...

Even in my young teens being a fan of "Green Bay" even though I am an Ohio guy, I had to gird the loins.
Win or lose they would always be my team of choice.

However the flaw in spelling that brought up the Lions and their record is kind of ironic.


Mr. E said...

Buck up Lion's fans! At least your baseball team is competative. "The last shall be first," Jesus says.

leah b said...

So, I hear you have know of some funny signs. Do you have any more that would give me a laugh?