Monday, February 23, 2009

Sales Cliches - Part 1

While the rest of the economy continues to nose dive, I've been blessed to work for a company that is growing. As a result, we just moved to a new office space. It's much bigger and nicer than our old place. Overall, it's a great move for our company. However, in the process, I went from having an office of my own to a cubical. I don't really mind it at all, but I get to hear everyone else talk (and vice versa).

Since I work in the Sales & Marketing department, I get to hear (and sometimes use) some of the best cliches in the business world. Of course, I also catch quite a few cliches that are invented right on the spot. For instance, to day I heard one of our sales guy utter this one...

"Are we cutting the pie into more slices or are we adding more pie."

Personally, I'm always in favor of more pie.

This could turn into a great source for blog entries (although some are not appropriate for this blog--but they're funny), so stay tuned.


Mayhem And Miracles said...

I missed getting to comment on the cruise or ask about the foosball game. Oh, do tell! I love that ya'll had such a great time! Really. Except, of course, when the jealousy creeps back in. :) My favorite schmooze line from a salesman at our old media office was "Well, if you're gonna win the Super Bowl, you're obviously gonna have to score some points." Yes, obviously. Too obviously, I'd say.

Eat More Pie! said...

Are you in it to win it?

No. Actually I'm just here for a piece of that pie! (please)

Arby said...

Just e-mail the real juicy ones, please!

eally said...

Completely off-topic bu that pie looks disgusting!