Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Becomming a Lutheran!

Not really. But I want to publicly state that many of my favorite bloggers are Lutherans with a passion for Christ.

The Elephant's Child
The Old Adam Lives (just found this one--great discussions here)
A Round Unvarnish'd Tale
Putting Out the Fire

I know that I've left some out, but these are the ones who blog about being Lutheran. You are guaranteed to find interesting posts and discussions going on and I recommend all of them.

Now, if you feel like your site needs to go on this list, just let me know. I'll give you a "shout out" as the kids say today. Word.


Elephantschild said...

::blushing:: I'm flattered.

I think a lot of us Lutherans really appreciate non-Lutheran orthodox (small-o) Christians keeping us honest. I know that I do - I'm a better blogger because I know that you'll stick a fork in any generalizations or weak arguments I make.

I'll quote from one my favorite non-Lutheran theology blogs, iMonk, speaking about the face our our gracious God - it's a hoot:

God will be gracious. God will be good. God will be overflowing in love. God will be good to the world. God will bless the nations. God will put his lamb and his Spirit and his loving face at the center of a universe made over in the image of the greatest wedding bash/banquet you could ever imagine.

God will not be pointing at you and saying, “He wins!” or “They were right! Sorry!” Start dealing with the shock now folks. It’s not going to happen.

Your ticket to this event will most certainly NOT have a denominational name on it. Nor will your seat at the table be determined by your church or your theological team. The grace and goodness of God is going to erase all the lines, boxes, definitions, fences, dictionaries, sermons, announcements and pronouncements ever made. Your Biblical interpretations won’t amount to a hill of beans. God himself, and his good grace, will be the star of the show.

I don’t care how many times you tell us what God has to do, God is going to exactly what he wants to make Jesus the center of history. And all signals in the advance copies of the programs are that there is going to be one shock and surprise after another.

You may even have to sit by a Lutheran. I know….but what are you going to do about it?

Read the rest here.

Randy said...

I have a few Lutheran friends that are top notch. Although I don't agree with some secondary issues, the Lutherans I know are biblically sound in the major areas of doctrine. Thank the Lord for the original "Lutheran" and that being Martin himself.

bootzomega said...

good for you:.)!!!!

hunnybeemay said...

to your mutha

I have nothing of significance to add to this post. I just hate being left out.

steve martin said...

I'm honored that you would include 'the old Adam' on your list!

Thanks very much!

I appreciate your insights on my blog and encourage you to continue contributing and not take any guff from some of my less than tactful friends. They (me too, I guess) mean well, but can play a little rough at times.

* Caution - there are a lot of wacky Lutherans out there, too.

(I guess there are a lot of wacky 'everythings' out there.)

Sniz said...

You forgot to say that we personally met the people behind the blogs Saturday. (All besides the Old Adam) They were great ladies. I love meeting fellow bloggers face to face!

Toni said...

Reece's birth sister is growing up in an evangelical Lutheran home. I grew up in a Catholic home. Narcoleptic Dad grew up in a home without a focus on Christ at all. I can thus relate to the iMonk quote that Elephantschild made.

steve martin said...


That sounds like a fun meeting!

I'm sorry I missed that!

(although if the old Adam had been there it may not have been that much fun...the old Adam can be a real downer...not me...that OTHER guy.)

Frank Gillespie said...

BD, thank you so much for the link and the high compliment.
I’d like to second what Steve said when he writes “Caution - there are a lot of wacky Lutherans out there, too.” Not all Lutherans believe and confess the same confession of what the one true faith is. We are a very fractured bunch and have been for some time. It’s a battle that has going on for as long as man was created and will not end until the last day.
I thank God for your contributions to my discussions at POTF and count myself blessed to have gotten to know you as a brother in Christ even if only on the web and by email. Someday my friend I’ll make it up your way, or vice versa, and we’ll share that beer we’ve long looked forward to.