Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Update

It's been an interesting day. I stayed home to work and I guess I wouldn't have had a choice since the streets here were not plowed until after 4:00 pm. I actually tried to go to the store around 3:00 and nearly got stuck in front of my house. Not that he reads my blog, but I'd like to publicly thank my neighbor across the street who decided to run his snow-blower on my driveway, too. It saved my poor 15-year-old son from doing a TON of work.

By the way, we got over a FOOT OF SNOW here. We haven't had snow like that in ten years!!!

Finally, I thought I'd share a headline from the "Mr. Obvious" file. This was in today's Indianapolis Star:

Indiana ski resorts report good conditions

We got a FOOT OF SNOW!!! Of course the conditions are good. Well, I guess that they are as good as they can be considering there is nothing in the state of Indiana that remotely passes for a mountain.


Reese said...

I want snow!!! I am going to Tennessee this weekend, so I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

steve martin said...

If this global warming keeps up...we will all freeze to death!

Rebekah said...

We did get 27 inches here in In, Dec of 04. I remember cuz we went to FL that Christmas and when we got home, we couldn't get into out driveway.

Arby said...

Up in Terre Haute, my TSC store manager friend received a call from his assistant store manager, who was supposed to open the store yesterday. She told him that she could not get her 4 wheel drive truck out of her driveway. He climbed into his 1973 Olds Tugboat and drove to work without incident, counting spin-outs along the way. 19 cars and trucks in the ditch. It begs the question, “Where did you people learn to drive?” It seems that a light dusting of snow in Kansas will close schools and send dozens of cars off of our roadways and into the tall grass on the edge of the road. To a transplanted northerner, it’s amazing…

Your neighbor is a blessing.