Monday, January 26, 2009

License Plate Humor

In the state of Indiana we recently made a major change to our "basic" license plates. I emphasize "basic" because in addition to the standard plates it seems like we have about 100 other designs related to schools, the Colts, associations, pet dietitians, etc. (perhaps I made up that last one). Ever since I can remember our license plates began with two numbers which identified the county of your residence (e.g. "32" for my own Hendricks County), followed by a capital letter in a smaller font, and then four numbers.

The new standard plate (pictured above) utilizes three numbers, a space and then three letters. It's exciting, right? What a great idea for a blog post. Have a great day, everyone!

Ok, there really is a point to this. It seems like the folks at the license plate factory have a sense of humor. At first I thought I was just imagining this and then I noticed the plates in my office parking lot affirmed my hunch. We have the following "coincidental" combinations:


Come to think of it, this is still a very lame blog post. Oh well.

Meow Meow Butterpants.


Evan said...

North Carolina recently announced they'd be allowing people to trade in their license plates following some complaints when their sequential plates reached the WTF series. Apparently whoever set up the system to avoid offensive words isn't so familiar with teh interwebs. ROFLCOPTER.

hunnybeemay said...

When my husband moved to Indiana he thought the county designation by number was really smart. We dont' have that in Illinois. Not only does it help in situations involving the police, identity..etc. It also makes road rage more fun.
He's not just that dude in the red Toyota anymore. Now he's the dude from St. Joe county in the red Toyota. JERKS! Learn how to drive.

Rebekah said...

you should be the police dispatcher trying to figure out which plate code to use when an officer runs a plate but doesn't know what kind of plate it is. Grrrr

Wani said...

ok - mew mew butter pants? what the heck? Just want to remind you how weird you are. But I'm pretty sure you already knew.