Monday, January 12, 2009

Time for a Math Break

Practically no strenuous activity since mid November
Three hours of football on Saturday
+ Two hours of roller skating on Sunday
Aching arms, legs and back that
only move via momentum


Scott said...

Silly rabbit, strenuous activity is for kids.

Elephantschild said...

Oy. Advil is a friend of mine, Advil is my friend - ZAP!

bmhs said...

Recipe for grunts and groans.

I can't say a whole lot myself....after Sunday's roller skating adventure, I have been discovering that maybe I'm not Gumby after all.

Tight thighs? Yup!
Sore abs? Yessir!
Bruised and swollen knee? Check!
Purple elbow? Oh yeah.
Unhappy bicep from pulling Nilsen #4 around the rink? Most certainly.

Of course a majority of the aforesaid injuries would not be present had I not taken some spectacular floor-appreciation sessions.

Oh well...we genetic klutzes have learned to adapt by developing the ability forget the fall and bruised wiping out again and bruising the other knee.



hunnybeemay said...

I like what Elephantschild said. Zap!

Toni said...

ROFL! Sounds like you need a vacation. ;)

Mayhem And Miracles said...

I hear you, Buddy.........and I hope you're feeling spry again really soon!

Sniz said...

Oh Hannah..."spectacular floor-appreciation exercises"! You are one funny chick! And BD went roller skating soon after his afore-mentioned football experience. He's a glutton for punishment!