Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Ringtone Movie

For today's blog entry, I decided to make a movie based on something that actually happened to me.



Reese said...

haha... so you're one of THOSE people who doesn't turn his phone off during church.. very nice ;)
By the way, this is Jaresa, and I am going to attempt at keeping up a blog... again... just so you know. :)

Big Doofus said...

I knew it was you Jaresa, and I read your blog earlier today.

Just so YOU know, I almost always silence my cell phone at church. It was pretty embarrassing.

Elephantschild said...

Oh, the pain! Your poor dear wife!

Years ago, at our old church, our pastor once forgot to turn off his wireless mic after the service, when he went directly next door to... ummm.... use the facilities.

Fortunately, only a few people noticed. Everyone else was too busy talking and chatting.

Timothy Power said...

Now that's funny.

One of my friends has picked a ringtone for when the caller has blocked caller-ID: it sounds like a chicken going, "Braaak! brak! brak brak brak brak bragaaak!"

I'm just imagining that one going off in church. Yeah, that'd wake up a few people....

bakerhj said...

Haha! It was pretty funny! :) Just so you know, I couldn't tell it was a toilet flush... Probably doesn't make it any less embarrassing :)

Toni said...

ROFL! How did I miss that in church? Once during service in our mega church back in Ohio, an associate pastor was preaching. His dd didn't realize he was scheduled to preach that day (he was filling in) and thus believed he wasn't even at church at the time (we had multiple service times.) Yep, cell phone rang and he answered with a good 500 people listening. No, it wasn't a flushing toilet though. Classic church moment.

Rebekah said...

lol- oops

Randy said...


Either you're going to the restroom too much or your not silencing your phone, haha!

Funny. If I might add, what program did you use to create that clip. Or was it already created elsewhere?

Have a good day,


Big Doofus said...


The video that I made for my blog was done on Windows Movie Maker. If you have a PC with Windows XP or Vista, you probably have it. If you have a Mac, you have even better movie making software included. I used to use it quite a bit--even for some work projects--but these days I use Adobe Premier Elements (which costs about $150) for REAL video projects. I thought that Windows Movie Maker was perfect for a video about my ringtone. And I should let you all know that the picture of the phone is the same phone I have (an older RAZR which I still love) and that sound is the actual sound from my phone which I recorded from a toilet. That's how I roll.

Randy said...


Thanks for the info. Now, I just have to figure out how to do it.
Again, thanks.


hunnybeemay said...

Mine went off in church once while I was out in the nursery with my son. My husband didn't realize it was coming from my bag. Our service was probably over 1,000 people and everyone could hear it. My husband was all pissed when he realized it was mine becasue A.) I hadn't turned it off and B.) it was ringing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" while he was frantically trying to turn the durn thing off.

I always try and remember to turn it off now!

Sniz said...

LOL, Hunnybee...girls just wanna have fun!!! That's right up there with the toilet ring in embarrassment. I can just see your husband frantically trying to turn it off! I've never seen BD so panicked as when this actually happened Sunday...and of course when something like that happens, every moment is an eternity and things that are normally simple, like getting the phone out of your pocket, seem impossible. That's what happened to him. He couldn't get the dang thing out of his pocket and it went off three times I think!

eally said...

Oh my...ROFLOL

Arby said...

While revisiting some blogs, post hard drive repair, this occurred to me, sung to the Carol of the Bells,

Hark! It’s a flush!
All hear a flush!
While the preacher prays,
Mark my words today!

The message is here,
Bringing good cheer,
To young and old,
Is your phone on hold?

Oh, how they laugh!
Hearing your gaffe,
Through all the pews,
Was it good news?

Merrily they sing,
While your phone “rings,”
Songs of a waste pipe,
Awaiting a wipe.

I can’t believe this happened
to me.
Am I embarrassed?
On on he’ll send,
On without end,
This tidy-bowl tone
To my Sunday home
I’m a ding dong!