Saturday, March 29, 2008

IndyCar Starts Tonight...and Baseball

I'll keep this short. The IndyCar season starts tonight. 25 cars will face off on a high-speed oval in Miami with speeds over 213 mph. It will air at 8 pm (EDT) on ESPN2. Should be really cool. Not that long ago I posted on the significance of this race.

Baseball season starts tonight...for me. I'm coaching my son's 13-15 year old team along with my father-in-law and a friend that I've met through baseball and softball. We get to be the Reds. How cool is that?

I'm also off on a one week business trip Sunday through Saturday that I'm not looking forward to. Hopefully I'll blog a few times while I'm out.

Meow Meow Butterpants!


Mr. E said...

I hope your son's Reds start their season better than my Rangers did last night. What a bummer; finally got a starting pitcher to pitch well and the offense couldn't score a run.

Mr. E said...

Josh Hamilton really came through for the Rangers last night in Seattle. I hope Edison Volquez comes through for your Reds. Lets hope for miracles that our teams can face each other in the World Series in a year or two.

Mr. E said...

I heard former Ranger Volquez struck out 8 in his starting debut for your Reds. I hope he does well for your guys. The Rangers are sure liking Josh Hamilton.

Big Doofus said...

You're really taunting me with this Josh Hamilton stuff, aren't you? I came very close to leaving my family and following him to Texas. I considered buying a Rangers hat. Don't mess with me, Mr. E. I'm still in mourning over this.