Friday, March 7, 2008

Bra Commercials

So, Miss Sniz, the Bird (10 year old daugher) and I are sitting around the fireplace watching TV when a bra commercial comes on. When this happens, I realize that it's my duty as a man to look away. But this commercial was different. The lady announcer actually said something about being modest. That's right...MODEST!!!! Can you imagine that in this day and age?


Rebekah said...

but there is nothing modest about seeing someone in a bra.
However, I have seen adds from Victoria Secret, no less, that they are formating their advertising to a more modest show.
Modest? Victoria Secret? isnt that an oxymoron?

Big Doofus said...

I agree that there is nothing modest about seeing someone in their bra. However, it's about the same as seeing someone in a two piece swimsuit--which in many cases is worse than a bra. I will say that this commercial was NOT for Victoria's Secret. That's an automatic channel-changer or DVR rewind-and-then-pause-on-something-else.

Sniz said...

You forgot to mention Bird's honest confusion about how a bra could possibly be something that makes a person look better..."But it's under their clothes! Why in the world does it matter?" Haha.

Mr. E said...

My wife and I agree that the commericals for bras and other undergarment products (as well as some of the bikini, cologne, and perfume products) are really just soft porn! Women used to buy bras without seeing picutures of half naked women wearing them. All Victoria Secret and the other bra/panty, etc...manufactors are just setting up the public to move into watching porn. At least that is how we feel. I am almost embarrassed by the commercials these days.

One positive note about some of the commercials though...(some)they are showing women that are not super skinny or women that look like super models. They are actually showing women that are full figured and healthy looking. As well as a few that maybe a touch overweight. Not all women who where bras have to be perfect you know.

Wani said...

Give Bird some time.... someday she'll understand how bra's work. Don't the style experts say a good fitting bra is one of the most important items in a woman's wardrobe? Well, if they don't they should.
I want to know what brand the commercial was for. You know, for a friend.

Hunny Bee May said...

Wha..???? Modest? Actually I just read that the CEO of Victoria's Secret has come out and said that they've gotten too sexy! Can you believe it. They want to try and clean up their image a bit, I guess. But I can't imagine that was a VS commercial. Maybe they're finally catching on to what us Bible-thumpers have been saying for years. There's just something about a modest woman that can catch a man's eye....and heart. And make a woman feel good about herself. I hope we do start to see some kind of modest back-lash. That would be wonderful!