Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Were You Paying Attention?

If you were really bored when (if) you read my blog yesterday, you may have noticed that one of my links took you to a page about Skittles on Wikipedia. It's important to remember that Wikipedia's content is from users like you and me. Anyone can add content to Wikipedia. That's why you should NEVER rely on it.

But I LOVE wikipedia--not so much because there's actually some good information there, but because every once in a while you find a real gem. So, if you happened to click on that link and then scroll down to the "Ingredients and Properties" section, you were able to read this:

In China, a bag of Skittles sweets contains: sugar, glucose syrup, fruit juices, milk (5.1%), hydrogenated vegetable fat, citric acid & trisodium citrate,rare parts of cow hoofs, dextrin, maltodextrin, flavorings & colourings, glazing agents, vegetable oil.
Leave it to the Chinese to make Skittles even better with 5.1% milk (tastier than whole milk and 2% milk) and rare parts of cow hoofs. Whoever it was that added this content, I SALUTE YOU!


Uvulapie said...

As an American consumer I feel ripped off that we too are not receiving the healthy benefits of 5.1% milk and rare hoof parts.

Wani said...

remind me never to buy Skittles in China!

Sniz said...

Too funny!