Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy and Overblogulated

First off, I'd like to apologize to my readers for not contributing for a while.

Mom and Miss Sniz: sorry


Actually, my mom doesn't read my blog that I know of. So, I guess my apology just goes out to my wife, Miss Sniz.

I think I burned out on trying to stay up-to-date on so many blogs with commenting and then coming up with stuff for my own. It was just too much. Have any of you had similar experiences? I decided to back off a bit and deal with more pressing things--like Halo 3 (Tappity---we need to play. I've gotten much better.). Actually, I'm dealing with a HUGE work project these days--busy, busy.

I'm also grieving over the fact that the Reds let Josh Hamilton go to the Texas Rangers. Mr. E, enjoy him. He's a ball player.

Of course, I'm REALLY pre-occupied by the upcoming IndyCar Series. The first race is March 29th at Homestead (Miami) and it's a night race. W'hoo!!!!! Open wheel racing season begins in a few weeks.


Wani said...

I've missed your comments. sigh... you missed some good posts. oh well, I know what you mean though. I'm borderline overblogulated myself.

Wani said...

Yeah! Thanks for the comments!
Nate was so proud of himself when he "spelled" his name for the pictures!
Thanks for the kudos on the photography post. Awhile back I had hoped to get Leah to hire me for pictures... but noooo... Tif had to swoop in and do them for free. Oh, well... family first I guess.
I've seen Joshua Bell perform in person... He's amazing! He's the Phil Keaggy of violin!
Ok, so maybe its not JUST a cake. Its all the special memories we made while eating said cake. Mmmm... I wish we hadn't eaten the last of it. It sounds really good right now!
You and Sniz have corrupted me. I used to be a casual blogger. But now I spend most of naptime (sometimes more) blogging and checking out other people's blogs. Its so addicting!

Sniz said...

Overblogulated. What a great word. Wani would fit right in at our house where made up words that make total sense are the norm. Apology accepted, honey. I feel the same way right now.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I have felt that way a lot lately. but I have been taking photos again, so I am just posting those with a few words thrown in. I find if I am going through stuff that I can't really talk about on my blog, then I can't really write at all. Hence the last couple months of lame-o blogging.
Hope life is treating you well, though.

JAN said...

I love that word, overblogulated.
I've been tempted over and over again in the last few weeks to just delete my blog and just walk away. It seems like a lot of people are feeling that way.
I do miss your sarcastic, funny comments though. :-)

Big Doofus said...

I didn't mean to be a downer on any of you. I still love to blog and read blogs. I think I just overdid it a bit and now I have a better perspective.

Hunny Bee May said...

I get overwhelmed checking blogs, commenting and writing my own stuff too. But it seems like the second you stop writing, people stop reading too. Any hoo, I've pared my blog reading down to a handful of faves and that helps. Just can't visit everyone, though I'd like to.
I'm gonna have to remember 'overblogulated'. Sounds like it's going some sort of virus....hahaha. I make funny. Computers...blogs...virus...I crack me up.

Randy said...

I wasn't happy that they let Josh Hamilton go either. I don't think the Reds made a wise move there!

Tech Daddy said...

I understand about the whole blogging less thing - that's why I've taken to blogging once a week.

Thanks for the tip about LinkedIn. I will give it a look.

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

Man, I've been so out of the loop these last few weeks, I haven't played barely jack and/or squat for video games. I need to see if I remember how to play Halo 3 anymore.

What I'm trying to say is, you'll destroy me.

Set the date! E-mail me, Doof!

Mr. E said...

I was just about to ask you about how the Reds are doing with Edison Volquez! As for the Rangers...we love Josh Hamilton, so far. He is killing the ball in Spring Training. In fact our youth pastor may try to get Josh to come speak to our youth about Drugh/Alcohol abuse. I hope Volquez does well for your Reds as well.

Mari said...

I just found your blog! I put it on my favorites to show to my husband who is a new blogger, and already has blogitis, he has`nt posted in days. So i`m going to show him that he is`nt the only one who goes through this. I have been having to fill in for him on HIS blog, what a woman will do for her man! Anyway, great blog!!

Big Doofus said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please share a link to your husband's blog.