Thursday, March 20, 2008

Go Meat?

UPDATE (3/26) - I've removed the link that plays the commercial on my blog. If you can't get enough, go to the link listed on the image and play it all you want.

This commercial plagues me. It comes on all the time (especially on the Game Show Network and The Food Network) and I cannot understand HOW IT EVER CAME TO BE. I understand that sometimes advertisers make something that is annoying on purpose as a way to get our attention. However, I don't think that is the case here. This is, without a doubt, the worst commercial ever made. Please don't bother telling me that something else is worse. It's just not true.

This is awful. Seriously, what's the point of it all? Are all of the people supposed to come off as being dumb? I don't think so. If that were the case, I think I'd give them a little credit. Why would anyone comment about the stack of meat on someone else's sandwich? Why are there detectives looking at it with a magnifying glass? Why would you need a magnifying glass to see it? Why is it that one of the uniformed police officers suddenly becomes a drill sergeant? Why do some of the people look like they are characters from a Dick Tracy cartoon and others look like real people? Who sings about meat?

It's bad. Bad! Bad! Bad! For weeks I would not allow it to air in my home. I would force the kids to change the channel, hit the pause button (the beauty of having a DVR) or throw a rock through the tv screen (this cost me hundreds of dollars). Are you catching on to just how much I hate this commercial? My pure hatred (and this is the good kind of hatred) is so bad that I'm even allowing the commercial to be seen on my blog.


Uvulapie said...

Mmmmm.... meaty test!

Scott said...

I've seen this commercial a dozen or more times (which is at least a dozen times too many).

Each time I keep expecting it to be for Billy Bob's Meat Packing Plant or
Tubs O'Meat 'R' Us.

Isn't Hillshire Farms like a real business, with a reputation or at least employees with jobs on the line if the advertising campaign destroys them?

The commercial is making me consider becoming a vegetarian.

Randy said...

There are so many commercials that get under my skin. I understand your angst with this one. I think I've seen it once or twice.

Frankly, they are just running out of ideas. If the advertisers don't feel they are "throwing it in our faces" we won't pay attention. However, it backfires for me. The more a commercial blatantly throws something at me, the more I want to turn it off.

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

I hate to say it, Doof...but mission accomplished! You're giving them extra air time just by talking about the commercial.

I haven't watched it yet as I'm at work with a room full o' students, but I plan to.

See? There's ANOTHER person who'll be subjected. It's like a virus!!!

Sniz said...

I can't see the commercial, but I woke up this morning thinking about the strange black lady with the weird gray hairstyle that squats with her hands on her knees and says with an oddly breathy little-girl voice, "That's some serious meat you're packin'." Um, how does someone get to be her age and not know what that means?

Big Doofus said...

uvulapie - Congrats on actually reading this post when I was just testing the video to see if it worked. I almost didn't publish your comment, but the idea of a "meaty test" really grew on me.

scott - As much as I joke around about this commercial, there was a time when I think I was actually angry about just how stupid it was. I was considering contacting the agency that produced it. But then I figured out it was probably written by the President's son or grandson.

randy - I like your anger. Focus on it.The Force is strong with you. A powerful Sith you will become. Henceforth, you shall be known as...wait a minute. I got carried away. Sorry about that.

tkt - I know, I know. I'm only making it worse. I seriously debated whether or not to show the commercial. But it's so HORRIBLE that it had to be done.

Sniz - It's "stackin". But you actually made this horrible commercial better with that idea. :)

Mr. E said...

Meat...Good! Hillshire Farms meat...also good! Hillshire Farms meat commercials...terrible. I have never liked any of their commericials and have e-mailed Hillshire about them. They are just plain bad.

Another commercial my wife and I hate is the Jack in the Box commercial where Jack & wife are in the hot tub with the other couple and the commercial strongly implies "Swinging" by swapping marriage partners sexualy. This has nothing to do with Jack in the Box or their products. This particular commercial is offensive in every sense of the word.

Me said...

Why does it start playing automatically when I click on your blog?

Big Doofus said...

The auto play only adds to how annoying it is. Eventually, I'll remove it from my blog.

Randy said...


Doens't that guy in the Meat commercial holding the magnifier look like Saddam Hussein? I don't know, it does to me anyway.


elephantschild said...

Oh, this is easy to diagnose. Someone told a room full of aging boomer ad agency men to be "edgy" and to try to appeal to the "youtube generation."

It's got "trying too hard" stamped all over it.

Me said...

It's tiiiiiiiiiime! It's tiiiiiiiiiiime!

Anonymous said...

I mute this commercial too. Cant' stand it. Apparently there is a worse one though - there is a commercial for Sour Skiddles with a man hooked up to a milking machine - pretty gross