Saturday, March 1, 2008

Totally CRACKED Me Up - Thanks Toni

I'm a big fan of my pal, Toni's blog - In the Midst of This Season. She's a great writer, HILL-LARRY-US, goes to my church, and is also a buddy of my wife. Recently, she blogged about her own personal dream team. In summary this is a detailed narrative of some of the more eccentric service and repair folks that have done work in her home. One such repairman was Billy Clyde. As a result of a wardrobe malfunction or oversight, Billy's gluteal cleft was left exposed to the elements--and everyone else that happened to walk by. In other words, his pants were not tight enough around his waist and his butt crack was showing.

Unfortunately, we've all seen this. I got a big laugh out of Toni's post and then when I was driving home I got a BIG DOSE of roadside gluteal cleft. While buzzing down the Interstate, I noticed a car pulled over. A man who must have been related to Billy Clyde was probably fixing a flat tire and needed to get in the trunk. I'm SO THANKFUL that I never saw him bend over. He was standing upright when I drove by. However, at least six to eight inches of "gc" was exposed while he was standing. In fact, I'd say that most of his buttocks was hanging out of his pants. How does something like this happen? Is there a shortage of elastic waist bands or belts in our country? The temperature was near or below freezing. Didn't he notice a nip in the air...or on his derriere?


Toni said...

BAHAHAHAHA! See, some smiles just aren't worth flashin', KWIM? And how funny is it that we see something in real life and it reminds of something or someone in blogland? When I saw the White Castle sign a few weeks ago (see comment on your Hotel/Motel entry), I thought, "Rats! Mr. Shumway would have had his camera available to capture this moment."

Um,...good thing you didn't have a camera to capture that roadside "smile", eh? Smiles gone vertical! Okay, I really need to go laugh out loud now.

Sniz said... favorite is when the kids see an exposed gc and ask about it. Ah, good times.

Randy said...

All I can say is "Crack kills!"

Rebekah said...

LOLOL. Gluteal Clift!! HaHaHaHa. Love it.

Chris said...


Thanks for stopping in! It's always nice to see other "man bloggers" (as you put it). Looking forward to being a regular guest here at the BDB.


Uvulapie said...

My opinion is that these men were just trying to be hip with the latest urban fashions. YO!

eally said...

Awwwww, I HATE this! This has become a CONSTANT source of contention between Dakota, his father and I. I must tell him 50 times a day "say no to CRACK!" He then quickly pulls his pants up. We buy pants that fit him too (not like those huge droopy things a lot of teens are wearing.) Even when he wears belts they manage to start drooping down! grrrrrr

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yuck! I have seen some bad crack in my day, at least you got to drive on by:)