Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ladies, Impress Your Men!

I know that there are quite a few chicks...OOPS!!!!, I mean ladies that read my blog. So, I've decided to give you all a tip to impress the men in your lives with your vast sports knowledge. Later on this evening or within the next few days, walk up to your man while he's reading the sports page (unless he's in the bathroom) or doing anything else that's guy-related and say the following:

"Can you believe Butler is only a seven seed? What does it take for a hardworking, fundamental basketball team like that to get some respect from the selection committee? And what's the deal with this stupid 'Play-in' game anyway? No one really thinks that game is part of the tournament, right? I sure wish the "braintrust" (be sure to make the universal quotation marks sign with your fingers) that runs college football would come up with a real way to determine a national champion. The BCS is such a joke."
Let me know what happens next.


Rebekah said...

any helpful hints for me would have to do with Nascar.

Big Doofus said...


Tell your hubby to tune into the IndyCar race on March 29th. Maybe I can convert him to open-wheel racing.

Mr. E said...

If my wife wants to impress me with sports she just needs to say, "How about those Rangers?" or mention something about watching baseball.

I will try my best to watch the Indy 500 again this year. It's been a while.

Toni said...

Okaaaay! I'll try. But something tells me I'm gonna lose him at, "Can you believe a butler only plants seven seeds?"

Toni said...

I messed up. I'll let Carl tell you at church.

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! This CRACKED ME UP! I'm afraid my husband would wonder who I've been having a secret fling with, because I am so far from being able to fake any kind of basketball knowledge, but now baseball - if he weren't already the avid sports freak that you also appear to be, he would come to me for that information. Me thinks you and my hubs would get along quite nicely. Between the four of us, we definitely have all the main American sports covered.

scott said...

Any time I'm watching football on a Sunday afternoon, my wife likes to tell me what a gay (or, um, "effeminate") sport it is. You know, what with the tight pants and the butt-slapping.

That's about the extent of our sports discussions. She zones out pretty quick if I try to talk about anything sports-related.