Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wonton Wednesday

A former blogger came up with a great idea: Wanton Wednesday. Basically, it's a day where you can ramble on about all kinds of unrelated items (which is normal for this blog, anyway). I'm going to blatantly steal her idea and take it a step further. I give you.... (insert gong sound)


Why Do You Blog?
Keep the comments coming (see the post below this one). I'm really enjoying what you have to say and sometime I'll share my own reasons and some of yours in a new post.

That Annoying Hillshire Farms "Go Meat" Commercial.
You have spoken...and I think I've made my point. This is the most annoying, stupid, worthless commercial ever and it should be destroyed. However, it's SO BAD that it needs to be preserved. So, I'm going to nuke the link on my blog that makes it play every time you visit, but I'll still provide a link in case you want to go and see it or subject someone else to it.

Meow Meow Butterpants There's no significance to this headline at all. It's Wonton (or Wanton) Wednesday and I can say whatever I want. But I also want to be the #1 destination anytime someone performs a Google search for the phrase "meow meow butterpants." Wish me luck.


Wani said...

How about having a Fried Rice Friday?

elephantschild said...

"meow meow butterpants" is the funniest thing I've read today. Honestly.

Uvulapie said...

Remember back in July 19, 2004 when we were googlewhacked for "exfoliated nitwits"? Good times.... now there are literally dozens of sites that have those words. It's a changed world, my good man... a changed world.

Hunny Bee May said...

Or what about 'General Tao's Tuesday'? I love that stuff. And meow meow butterpants is gonna be my new phrase for something or other. It's just fun to say outloud. Try it. I think I'm gonna teach it to the two-year-old.

Me said...

You sneaky cutie Uvulapie...I caught that.