Saturday, January 5, 2008

Snip and Snap Update

Yesterday we had my youngest daughter and her connected-at-the-hip cousin/best friend together in the van. These are the two that I and Miss Sniz have referred to as "Snip and Snap" (see "Snip and Snap on Adulthood" and "things you brag about when you're 8") They are, among other things, notoriously slow when it comes to doing things like getting ready, getting into the van, getting out of the van, getting dressed, running into the house to get their Build-a-Bears, etc. Well, we were waiting on them to get out of the van and I made the mistake of saying, "Come on, Snip and Snap. Get out of the van." They both looked up at me and glared with excitement. They thought that was the coolest thing in the world and they were calling each other Snip and Snap (and figuring out which one was Snip and which one was Snap) for the remainder of the evening (as far as I know because they were getting dropped off at the grandparent's home). I just hope they're not keen to the fact that we've been writing about them on our blogs.


shay said...

Do they do that one sided lip raise that communicates how annoying you are and how cool they are without a word spoken?

Or maybe that's only my 8 year old niece,9 year old son, and my 6 year old daughter. (who are also joined at the hip - funny you should have that too)

I like Snip and Snap. We haven't come up with anything as great! We mostly call them "hurry up" and "where is your jacket"?

Sniz said...

Like you said, Snip and Snap make everything an adventure and the sound of their laughter is so awesome. There was much discussion about the names, as Robotface said, and my daughter is now Snip and her cousin is now Snap. They love their names.

Randy said...


For the right price, I won't tell Snip and Snap you are writing about them! haha. I think it's rather cute though.

Oh by the way, Shay, yes I'm the neat freak. However my prices just went up to pay for gas! I guess it depends on how bad you need your place cleaned!

Be well all,


Wani said...

I can see the girls getting a kick out of their nicknames! They're such sweet girls!