Monday, January 7, 2008

BLISS BLOGS (follow-up to MAN BLOGS)

I got a very nice response from the recent MAN BLOGS!!! entry. The neatest thing was reading the comments from some of the wives of the men from the MAN BLOGS. It made me realize that there are several husbands and wives that blog separately. I can only hope that it's been as rewarding for them as it has been for me and Miss Sniz. So, in case you're not aware of these blogs, I'm going to share them with you. Feel free to visit them sometime.

1. Uvulapie & Uvulapie's Girl (formerly Hoffman Homemaker) - These two have the same sense of humor and their blogs complement each other very well. It's nice that the mental institution where they live allows them to have access to the internet and to have blogs. I talked about Uvulapie in my MAN BLOGS post. However, I didn't reveal the fact that he and I have recorded quite a bit of music together and that he wears lederhosen to work. Uvualpie's Girl is currently expecting...a baby (or a baby Elmo).

2. Honey I Fed the Kids & Still His Girl - I have not personally met these folks, but I feel like I know Scott. We've even exchanged a few e-mails and he's promised to mow my lawn all summer for me this year. He's in ministry and I'd say his blog and sense of humor are very similar to mine--which should explain the lawsuit. I haven't had any contact with Still His Girl, but my wife has. This is another pair of bloggers that do a great job of connecting their sites online. Each blog stands on it's own, but they're even more interesting when you follow both.

3. Mr. E & All Rolled Into One - These two are still pretty new to me. In fact, I didn't even know about All Rolled Into One until she sent me a comment about the MAN BLOGS post. This couple is open and honest when it comes to their lives in blogland. They're also serious about taking steps to be better people.

4. Big Doofus and Miss Sniz - Hey, that's me and my lovely bride. Thanks for reading our blogs and being our friends.

If you know of another couple that blogs, please let me know. I'd like to create a follow-up to this sometime and read more blogs like this.


elephantschild said...

Prolly the most "famous" that I know of (other than you guys, OF COURSE) would be IMAO and Mountaineer Musings

He's a political humor and edgy commentary type blogger and she's a hilarious daily-life sort of blogger.

Wani said...

aw... aren't you all cute couples... I think my husband thinks I'm a dork for blogging.... and yet he enjoys the comment banter that you and he exchange from time to time. oh well.

Sniz said...

Ooooh. I want to check out the two Elephanschild mentioned!

Me said...

The honor!

Toni said...

Hmmm,...well maybe one day you'll read In the Midst of This Season and Narcoleptic Dad. One can only hope.

Uvulapie said...

I'm not worthy of the link!!!!

Nice new logo for 2008! It's disturbing and threatens my dreams but in a good way.

Mr. E said...

Thanks again for promoting the wife and I! I have linked you to my blog site as well!

eally said...

My husband sure doesn't understand this whole blogging thing! He thinks I'm crazy! LOL

Hey your "other" half tagged me for a meme and I'm tagging YOU!!

Leeann said...

I love guys that blog! It's wonderful to get input from the other half.

And BTW, love your wife! She is absolutely amazing (though you already know that) and I love when she visits me.

Scott said...

Wow. That lady over at StillHisGirl is hhhhhhhot and a great writer t'boot.
But how did she end up with that loser of a husband?