Monday, December 10, 2007

This is How We Watch TV

Sometimes, you're really into a show that you're watching on TV--so much that you're not even paying attention to the fact that you're sitting in a very strange position...on the coffee table...when there's a perfectly useful couch only a foot away from your posterior.

NOTE: I wasn't trying to take a picture that would embarrass my daughter--hence the "oops" block. It's also a bit blurry, but I only had one chance to snap this image. I just thought it was interesting that she was in the living room, watching the television this way. Furthermore, it should go without saying that she was watching something wholesome, stimulating and educational.


Me said...


While I get sponge bob (sort of) I quickly learned, when we did have cable, that it doesn't sound nice when your kids repeat a lot of what he says.

"WHAT THE" sounds esp. bad.

Then I saw the spongebob movie. When they got sloshing drunk (although on ice cream) that was it.

It's a shame because that stuff wasn't needed and otherwise it could be pretty funny sometimes.

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

As home educators, we actually like to give the kids a little more freedom when it comes to things like this (but believe me, we're still very strict about what is on the tube).

First off, I don't want the kids to resent being kept home. Of course, there's a place to draw the line and sometimes the tv gets turned off in the middle of the best show that has ever been on the air (in their opinion--and that could be any show that they are currently watching).

Secondly, I'm a bit impressed (and proud) when they see something on a show and recognize that it's not right. For instance, when they watch Sex And The City they are able to identify all kinds of things that are wrong. :)

Uvulapie said...

Hey, my kids sit at the dinner table that way!

Me said...

The girls are good about that now but they were only three and four when we had cable.

Living with two kids that go to public school makes them realize they have it made (by being homeschooled) and they would freak out if they thought they would have to go to school.

I like it that way...


Sniz said...

I didn't realize those were Oops jeans!

elephantschild said...

(Over here via Me's blog.)

My dear precious daughter does her school work that way.

It's why we homeschool, of course: so my kid can do her "work" in her skivvies, sitting ON her desk.

At least yours was wearing pants.

shay said...

Love knowing I'm not all alone in the world of crazy kids and weird things going on.

I've long since stopped trying to police the TV. I sometimes forget that the littlest one is only 3. I guess that's what happens to the youngest of 4?!

Nice to meet you btw. I found you thru your wife:)

Toni said...

So then my Reece isn't so odd after all. Because he, um, stands the whole time. Yep, he watches Spongebob in the vertical realm.

Toni said...

Aw, great. And now I have tree decorating complex because, SHEESH, my tree lights look TERRIBLE compared to yours. A flare for decorating (a la Miss Sniz) clearly has its privileges.