Sunday, December 16, 2007

Skipping Church!!!!

That's right--we're rebels. We skipped church today. My son got to play his XBOX 360 with the new Halo 3 maps a lot earlier than he originally had planned. Miss Sniz and I just got up and had coffee. The girls watched secular television and saw commercials about toys. I'm wearing a hat because I didn't feel like taking a shower yet.

Did I mention that church was canceled this morning?

The truth is that we genuinely look forward to going to church on Sundays and this particular Sunday was our annual "Bringing Our Gifts To Jesus" service--our favorite of the year. Folks in the congregation can share by singing songs, dancing (as long as it's not a dance about a movie or playing cards--heh, heh), reading something, making a video, performing drama, etc. We even have one guy that usually does a science experiment that the kids love. When we found out that things were canceled this morning due to the snow, ice, wind and general nastiness, we were all very sad. One of my little girls cried for a long time because she was supposed to sing with her cousin (and wear a new dress).

But, what can I say. We're rebels. That's just how we roll.


Sniz said...

You forgot to mention your big girl cried too.

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

Everyone was upset about it this morning--even the boy.

Uvulapie said...

My church stopped having "Bring Your Gifts To Jesus" services after Jeb the Fartist insisted on, um, playing his very personal rendition of "What A Friend We Have In Jesus".

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

I got the new maps, too. Haven't seen 'em in action yet, but I'm jonesin' for some more Halo 3 action.

Toni said...

Well, we skipped church AND town. What does that make us? WANTED for a tri-state crime spree, I suppose.

eally said...

Awww, my 11 yr old would be like that too! He LIVES to go to church everytime the doors I opened! LOL
We have the hurricanes down here that might cause church to be canceled...and he says "Hurricane?! so what! We BETTER have church!" He'd be crying too if church was canceled! I guess our homeschooled kids like their "outlet" somewhere. :-)