Sunday, December 3, 2006

A "Good Cry"

This afternoon my wife informed me that her sister had a few hours to herself as a gift from her husband. He graciously took the kids to breakfast so she could be alone to enjoy some me time. During this time she shared that she had a "good cry." As a child owner (we have three that we are renting to own), I know the value of any time one can have without the kids around (I love them dearly, but it's nice to have some time alone). When I get a little me time, I have a few things that I like to do: play my guitar, watch a movie, eat lots of ice cream, etc. But a "good cry" doesn't make the list. In fact, I cannot remember the time that I had a "good" cry. For me, crying is usually associated with the loss of a loved one or a Colts game and puts me in a foul mood for a long time. However, I'm willing to give anything a good try, so I'm going to sit here for the next few minutes, attempting to cry. If this is so great, I want in on it....

Well, I gave it my best shot but got distracted when the Colts - Titans game came on. The Colts lost and I feel like crap.

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shumanandrea said...

I need a good cry right now