Monday, December 18, 2006

"European" makes it better

Usually, when you put the word, "European" before something, it makes it sound more appealing. Who wants just plain pastries when you can have, "European Pastries?" Who wants ordinary chocolate when "European Chocolate" sounds so much better? But this rule isn't foolproof. I'm not so sure that "European NASCAR" would be any better than regular, horrific NASCAR. Nor would there be any perceived advantage to purchasing "European Wart Removal Bandages." Furthermore, while a "European Facial" seems exhilarating, a "European Back Hair Shave" is probably just like any other back hair shave.

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sniz said...

Here's something you can't get in the States; European patch-work, cable-knit sweaters fashioned from Irish lambswool in varying shades of taupe--wildly envied, often imitated, always original. Oh wait, yes you can get those here...I just saw one in a Land's End catalogue.