Sunday, December 10, 2006

Guitar Hero or Guitar Doofus?

Forgive me for borrowing from the name of my blog for today's entry, but I had another disturbing experience to share and couldn't come up with any other way to express it. I was in a major department store today (I will not name names, but it's Walmart) and noticed an adult sitting on a display stack of DVD boxes while holding and "playing" a fake guitar. As it turns out, he was playing the "Guitar Hero" video game. Imagine a game where you hold a full sized fake electric guitar, hitting buttons that have nothing to do with actually playing a guitar while you stare at a television screen to see your...results. Now, imagine that you're doing this in the middle of a crowded department store. Now, imagine that you're an adult...with kids...and a mortgage...and you probably speak several dialects of Klingon. You get the picture.


sniz said...

Klingon is a perfectly respectable language

Anonymous said...

If you speak Klingon you have no kids and no mortgage. You live in your parents basement and are the ultimate 40 year old virgin. =)

Pac Man said...

I saw the same guy doing that at Fry's.