Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Words for the Dictionary

I have a creative 13-year-old who sometimes coins his own words without realizing it. In his opinion, these "words" make perfect sense. Today I will share two recent examples he uttered just the other day while we were playing an online video game.

Internetic (in·ter·net·ic) -adjective Possessing or exhibiting the ability to connect to the Internet.

"I like Internetic games like Halo for XBOX because I like to play against other people online."
comebackable (come·back·a·ble) -adjective Possessing or exhibiting the ability to mount a come-from-behind victory when one is losing a game or contest.
"I'm so far behind the leader that I'm not sure if this game is comebackable or not."


pac man said...

I don't have a comment on today's blog, but I did want to share the fortune in my cookie that I just opened: "Cooperation will work better"

There. Now go and be a pretty good person today.

renbutler said...

Internetic and comebackable are perfectly cromulent words.

Anonymous said...

I will beat you to 4000 posts


jedijson said...

AWESOME post! Here's hoping my sons turn out to be like yours.

And I agree with renbutler. I'd use them.