Friday, December 1, 2006

The scariest looking man in broadcasting

As an IndyCar fan (and all open wheel racing, for that matter), today (December 1, 2006) marks the day that Danica Patrick begins her career with the Andretti Green racing team. She was also in the news recently as she received an award from the March of Dimes. The award was presented by Frank Deford, a well known sports broadcaster and columnist. Can anyone tell me what kind of look this guy is going for? (not that anyone reads this)

Then it occurred to me--it's the late Vincent Price with shoulder pads. I'm pretty sure there have been other men (public and private) that have carried on this look for some reason or other. They might be genetically linked to the guys who carry on the handlebar mustache look. I plan on testing this theory in the lab over the weekend.

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ItemsWhichDetonate said...

You ARE a doofus. To even mention Frank Deford, who is occasionally an adequately entertaining "journalist", in the same entry as the Legendary Vincent Price, Thespian, Gourmet, and Lover of the Arts, is bordering on criminal.

You should be interred in Potato Salad for this offense.

Keep up the work!