Monday, December 11, 2006

My Trip to Sam's Club

I'm a big fan of Costco for wholesale. They employ one of my family members and I really like the products they offer. However, they don't sell flavored coffees (something my wife requires in order to live), so I ventured to Sam's Club recently with my pal, Brian. We were able to get the coffee, which was great, but while we were there I realized that I've been missing out on the whole Sam's Club (aka Walmart on steroids) experience. According to genuine in-store signage hanging from the unfinished ceiling, isle 23 of this particular location is dedicated to, and I quote, "Canned Meat, Nachos, Olives" (nothing else!) Never, in all of my dreams, did I ever imagine an entire wholesale club mega isle could be devoted to these three product categories. In fact, I never even imagined that these three offerings were so closely related until I saw it for myself. I'm seriously considering switching my membership from Costco or pulling double duty.

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sniz said...

Especially great if you LOVE all three of them together