Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Lowered the Price of Gas Already!

I just saw an ad last night from Senator Obama and he's promising to take on the banks and the big oil companies. I'll be really excited to see what he does with the banks because he already fixed the problem with the big oil companies gouging the little man--and he's not even in office yet!!! Yesterday I noticed gas for $2.39 a gallon in the Indy Metro area. Way to go, Barrack!

On a side note, if these gas prices keep falling to the point that a gallon goes for less than $2.00 my wife has promised to do a cartwheel just like Toni had to do recently.


Scott said...

Praise be to O'bama.

I hear he's also able to heal gingivitis. Here's hopin'.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

woohoo! Here gas fell to 98 cents a litre. There are 3.87 litres per gallon. Do the math. Sometimes Canada sucks. We wreck our wilderness to send our oil to the rest of the world and then pay through the nose to buy it for ourselves.

Rebekah said...

and the media is preaching concern over the price of gas falling. Can they never put a positive spin on ANYHTHING?

Big Doofus said...

Well, the truth is that the falling gas prices are a result of the tanking (no pun intended) global economy.

Now, let me just add that I purchased gas for $2.17 a gallon in Brownsburg yesterday and indicates that it's also available for $2.15 in other parts of "the Burg." Miss Sniz better start stretching for that cartwheel. Maybe Toni can join her and we'll make this a photo opportunity.

forgetfulone said...

How about a cure for the common cold, too. I could use one right now.