Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting Cheered Up By My Teenager

My almost-fifteen-year-old walked into the house the other day and stared down at me while I was working on my laptop. His gaze was fixed just above my eyes and you could see the moment of inspiration turning into an actual thought and then words (I'm pretty sure there was some smoke coming out of his ears):

"Hey dad, you almost have a uni-brow."

Thanks, son.

On a somewhat related note, I've always thought that it was sad that Bert had to go through life with that monster uni-brow while poor Ernie had no eyebrows whatsoever.


Uvulapie said...

Like I tell my kids, Life isn't fair. Which is why I let one of them play video games until three in the morning while the rest have to eat boiled cabbage before their shift in the coal mines. BWA HA HA!

Arby said...

See, Ernie never really learned to share. You should set a better example for your children and shave off part of your eyebrows and give them to your son. Share the wealth!

Randy said...


There was an old joke where a guy had mentioned that his friend had one eye brow. The other guy asked, "Which one?" The first guy said, "Both of them!" Funny what we live through.


Rebekah said...

Ok Burt, I mean Big Doofus, have the lady that cuts your hair pluck your brows too.