Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cartwheel is Coming

Just a few days ago in my "Obama Lowered the Price of Gas Already!" post it was noted that my wife would follow suit with Toni of In the Midst of This Season by doing a cartwheel should the price of a gallon of gas get to a certain point.

Toni (pictured here) made the original bet (although she probably thought of it as more like a flippant comment) with her husband, Carl. She agreed that if the price of gas fell below $2.50 a gallon she'd do "cartwheels in the road."

A week ago today her supportive husband pointed out the "$2.49/gallon" sign at the front of a BP station and Toni made good on the bet. Accountability in a marriage is important and Carl is setting the right example. We should all rally behind him.

So, when I mentioned this fun fact to my wife, Andrea (also known as "Miss Sniz" in the blogging world) she said that she'd do a cartwheel if the price fell below $2.00 a gallon. Imagine my surprise (and hers) when I saw this headline in the paper today:

Bargain In Brownsburg: $1.99 gas

I'm quite certain that a video of this event is in order and I'll follow up with it in a few days. While you're all waiting, go fill up your tanks if you live near the west side of Indy.


elephantschild said...

Wow. $1.99.

Thanks, Mr Obama! (Not.)

Toni said...

You know you wanna, you wanna flip it. You wanna flip it to left with a shimmy to the right!!!

We were in Brownsburg last night and Carl and I were dying to let you know that gas was $2.07/gal. And now,...uh hem,...NOW...my dear sister-friend Miss Sniz-a-roo is about to FLIP over the gas prices. And it's going to be on camera.

All together now...
It's going to be on camera, it's going to be on camera. Tra la la la la!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. a few pre-performance groin stretches will make it all the easier, lol!

Hunny Bee said...

Holy crap. Seriously? 1.99? Unfortunately Chicago is one of the most expensive gasoline markets so while our prices are coming down, they ain't hit below the 2.00 mark yet. I'm so jealous of you guys right now.

Oh yeah, and definitely post that video.

Veronica said...

Ya gotta prove it to a "sister!" that you can do it better!! Waiting with bated breath. Charge those batteries and clean the lens. Don't wanna miss the action!!!!!

Sniz said...

No one could accuse you of not keeping me accountable in our marriage, BD!

Toni said...

Maybe we can get the video on Fox News. Today they reported that "places in Indiana" are now at $1.99/gal. Yep, and Miss Sniz is flipping over it too.

Frank Gillespie said...

it's still $2.55 in my neck of the woods... I wish President Obama would visit my state.

Arby said...

I cannot wait! I cannot wait! I cannot wait! This is going to be fun.

jan said...

Can't wait to see that video! :-)

elephantschild said...

I can't wait for my Obamaration Coupon book to arrive! I'll never have to worry about the price of gas again! I'll just tear off my little red ticket and get in line at the local Chavez-N-Go and wait four hours for my 3 gallon allotment!


eally said...

Oh I can't wait for the video/pictures!! Whooohooo, this is gonna be good!
It's 2.22 here in FL and dropping every day. Praise the LORD!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

You are gonna post the photos, right???