Thursday, October 2, 2008

Financial Advice from a Big Doofus You Can Trust

I saw two things online today while paying one of my credit card bills.

1. Checking "Recharge"

First off, this brilliant piece of financial advice from the folks at Discover Card. If your bank checking account is low, you can just "recharge" it with a cash advance from your credit card. It's just like recharging batteries. Your AA's were emptied of power, but all you had to do was stick them in the charger for a while and...ZAP!...they work again. I've had more than a few occasions where the old checking account was low. Why didn't I think about this. Next question: What do I do when my remaining credit is low? Can I "recharge" that, too? Sadly, I guess the answer to that question would be, "yes" as long as I do it from another card. I'm no financial genius, but I think this is the kind of stuff that has gotten our country's economy in jeopardy today.

2. Make a memorable PIN for my account.

It goes without saying that we should take the time to come up with a Personal Identification Number that's secure and easy to remember (of course, this PIN is for getting stupid cash advances on a credit card for things like "recharging" your check book). But this guy is REALLY getting into it. I'd pay money (or perhaps get a cash advance and pay the fee to do so) just to know what he's pondering and how it helped him to come up with such an incredible PIN.


Arby said...

The easiest P-I-N to remember is "PIN." That would have to be "PINN," since four numbers are required. I seriously thought about your idea, but I did not wish to mess with cutting off the ends of 20 screws. And, if I had done that I never would have discovered Gronis!

Hunny Bee said...

I have a friend who uses this credit card 'recharge' scheme to cover overdrafts. That way he doesn't have to keep track of his checking account register. If he goes over then the cc just 'recharges' his account.


How do you pay your credit card bill when the only money in your checking account came from the credit card in the first place?

Rebekah said...

Just robbing Peter to pay Paul only to rob John to pay Peter

Randy said...


Make our "pin" memorable? Hmm...are the running out of gimmicks or what? Plus, this robbing Peter to pay Paul, hence, giving the checking account an advance from the credit card, is rather far reaching. Why not just get the advance from the card and be done with it? Unless I'm missing something somewhere.