Monday, April 28, 2008

Someone's Looking Out for Snap

I've posted a few times about Snip and Snap. Snip is my youngest daughter (9) and Snap is her 8-year-old cousin and bestest friend in the whole wide world. We often comment that they are connected at the hip and just the other day during baseball games and softball practices they made it official. They literally became connected by tying themselves together with a rope around their legs.

But that's a story for another day. This post is about sweet little Snap and how her patience was recognized and rewarded during the first part of our church service yesterday. Once every few months our worship team will purposefully NOT plan out our worship service. The idea is to let the Spirit lead us in choosing songs, reading scripture, sharing, etc.

The kids like this because they get to raise their hands and request their favorite songs. It's sort of like the old "Stump the Band" bit that Johnny Carson used to do, but these are real songs from our list of Choruses and the Hymnal and the band actually knows how to play them. Snip and Snap were seated next to each other (of course) and were both about as cute as you can imagine. While the rest of us were in our comfortable, casual church outfits, these little ones were in full church gear with dresses, pretty shoes, bows, fancy hair, etc. They are "girly girls" through and through and we love it.

Towards the beginning of the service, little Snap politely had her hand raised just to the height of the top of her head hoping to be seen. She didn't waive her hand in the air or anything like that--it wouldn't be very lady like. This went on for the entire time while poor little Snap was overlooked by the worship leader. There was time for one more request and it went to Mr. K, a tall adult who was standing just a few rows behind little Snap. Mr. K was a very respectable and sincere man of God who picked his moments to share carefully, only allowing real inspiration to move his hand in the air. The congregation always looked forward to what he had to say. With permission to share or choose any song to close out the worship time Mr. K spoke. "I was going to read Psalm 119, but since it has 176 verses, I've decided to yield my time to little Miss Snap." It was a moment that I never want to forget (hence this the blog entry). Snap picked the song Lord I Lift Your Name on High and we closed out the worship time with joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces. Thanks, Mr. K. You made this uncle very happy.

P.S. That's little Snap pictured on the top left. I'm honoring her parents' wishes for privacy with this photo (getting tons of chocolate from me and Miss Sniz for her birthday) so you'll just have to trust me when say that she's a cutie patooty.*

* P.P.S. The spell check for Blogger doesn't recognize the word "cutie" or "patooty" but did suggest I use the words "cootie" and "toothpaste".


JAN said...

Ah ha! So that's what Mr. K said! I heard his voice, and heard everyone laughing, but I couldn't hear what he actually said. That was sweet of him. :-)

JAN said...

PS or BTW,
I'm still waiting for you to finish your post on why you blog....
I do hope you sing the song from Romans at church sometime-I love your voice.:-)

scott said...

I think a good compromise would have been to sing Psalm 119 to the tune of Lord I Life Your Name on High.

With the hand motions. Definitely with all the hand motions.

Toni said...

The girls are definitely cootie toothpaste (a.k.a. cutie patooties).

And I can vouge for this moment. I was sitting in the same row as Mr. K. I had noticed the efforts of Miss Snap to request her song, and that sadly she was overlooked.

And I leaned over and commented to dh that I found it very endearing that Mr. K used his turn to pass off to Miss Snap. Yes, it was such a wonderful gesture on his part.

Now,...I want to sing a song. ;)

Big Doofus said...


That story is coming, trust me.

eally said...

That was very sweet! I'm sure that made little Snap's day to have an adult choose her instead of himself.