Friday, April 25, 2008

Cat Ping!

No, Cat Ping is NOT the noise you hear when a cat runs into a large metal empty trash can--well, I guess it could be--but that's not the type of Cat Ping I'm talking about. Cat Ping is the name of a person. It's also the name of a person who is running for Congress right here in Central Indiana. Am I voting for Cat Ping? No. She doesn't live in my district. But trust me, if she did I've vote for her on her name alone--regardless of the issues.

America needs change!!!

America needs Cat Ping!!!

Does anyone else find it ironic that Cat Ping is posing for a picture next to a dog? Anyone want to send her an e-mail and ask if the dog's name is Dog Pong?


Toni said...

So she finally threw in the acting towel, eh? Cat. Cassandra. Yep, it's her. ;)

Hunny Bee May said...

I would hate that name. It sounds like Cat Peeing. I knew a girl who's last name was Worm. I felt bad for her. I always hoped she'd get married soon. I worked for a lady named Kitty Barker. We had a vet named Dr. Barker too. And his office was on Kollar street.

Aren't you glad I shared?

I think I would go by Catherine if I were her.

Sniz said...

Love this, especially the last line about Dog Pong!