Saturday, April 19, 2008

Inspiration Dumps Right On Me

I know that I've been neglecting the old blog lately. The truth is that baseball has been taking up most of my time. Besides the fact that we have practices and scrimmages (and games starting next week) there's also a lot of parent calling. But I'm not complaining.

I really wanted to post today and was hoping that I'd think of something to write about. That's when it happened. An annoying ad for the Buxton Over the Shoulder Organizer came on tv. I'm sure we've seen it before, but it's an easy one to tune out (ok, the truth is that every time Miss Sniz and I hear "Buxton Over the Shoulder Organizer" we both think "Buxton Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder" but that's another blog entry--and probably not one that will end up on my blog).

The selling point of the product is how easy it is for a woman to keep track of her important stuff in this attractive purse (available in black, red and tan). At one point the over-the-top announcer asks, "Do you have to dig and dump to find what you're looking for?" Only seconds after he said it, my almost-eleven-year-old daughter asked, "Did he say, 'Do you have to take a dump every time you're looking for something?'" So, there's my blog post for the day.


Sniz said...

Yeah, that commercial's chock full of misunderstandings waiting to happen. I personally think the photo they use on the ordering screen at the end is the best. They have pictures of women wearing the different colors, only they only photograph the mid-section of the person. There's nothing that makes you look as pregnant when you really aren't as those Buxon things. But seriously, if they added an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder to their organizer system, they'd have a real multi-tasker best seller on their hands. Hmmm. Maybe I should write and suggest it.

Wani said...

wow - you couldn't have made that up! your kids are so funny!
-Sniz- it may not be flattering but its still better than a fanny pack!

Anonymous said...

Looking at that purse makes me wanna dump!


Mr. E said...

I am very familiar with this commercial. Like you can't steal the bag if it draped over your shoulder! Your daughter's comment was funny.

JAM said...

Having long lived in a house full of women, Lovely Wife and two Lovely Daughters, I've learned to instantly tune out "women talk."

But just a couple of weeks ago, they were complaining about bras and I told them how, as boys, we called them Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders.

They had never heard that and thought it was the funniest thing they'd heard in a long time.

I had no idea they were so uneducated.

That is a smart looking purse though.

Toni said...

And then there's the hearing of "butt skin" every time I hear Buxton. So a butt skin over the shoulder would be shea posh.