Monday, April 14, 2008

Dirty Birds

We have a couple bird feeders in the back yard that we love to watch (yes, I realize this makes me and the Mrs. old geezers). It creates a steady flow of morning doves, house finches, chickadees, cardinals, gold-finches and sparrows. Plus we get robins, grackles (that no one cares for) and red-winged blacked birds from time to time.

Well, just yesterday I was able to witness some morning do I say this?...."gettin' busy." Sure, I've seen my fair share of dogs, cats and even cows in their intimate moments but this was the first time I'd ever witnessed birds mating. As the male was fluttering atop the female (I can only assume this was the case--I wasn't that close) I was going to tell my wife when all of the sudden another male shot down from the sky and IT WAS ON!!!! That lady dove had to feel like quite a prize to have two handsome doves fighting over her. Actually, males doves are not that handsome. They're pretty homely looking.

Anyway, that's what goes on at our house during the weekend. It's very exciting.


Uvulapie said...

There's not like sharing a cuppa joe with the Mrs. to watch animals mating outside the window... a real International Coffee moment. Or maybe it's a Big Bertha moment.

Hunny Bee May said...

Haha. A few weeks ago we saw some ducks doing the in a very cold river when were out walking. Five or six males had the poor female under water for what seemed like an eternity. I felt bad for her. Of course the two-year-old was thrilled to see all the duckies 'fighting'. We left it at that.
Btw, I love red-winged blackbirds. They remind me of my grandmothers house when I was little. We have alot of them near us since we are on a pond.
For the record, I'm younger than you but apparently just as much a member of the old geezer club since I enjoy watching and listening the birds too.
So don't feel bad. I'm right there with you geezers.

Uvulapie said...

I can see that I was barely awake when I wrote my earlier, stupider comment. It should have read "There's NOTHING like sharing a cuppa joe with the Mrs. to watch animals putting on a puppet show outside the window." Sorry for the confucius.

Toni said...

Why, just a few weeks ago Carl was out running errands with Olivia when she informed him that a "mean duck" was "holding another duck under the water."

Now that I think about it, he was in YOUR neighborhood dropping off paper and it was in the main pond there. ROFLOL!!! Love shack, baby, love shack.

elephantschild said...

Hey! I like grackles. They eat japanese beetle grubs.

Big Doofus said...

elephants child: Grackles have a bad reputation but I'm fine with them, too. They are not native to our Hoosier lands, but they are survivors whether you like them or not. Their iridescent green heads are pretty cool to look at, too.

hunny bee may: Ask my kids and they will tell you that my favorite bird is the Red-Wing Black Bird.

Mr. E said...

You are hillarious! I wouldn't have thought about blogging about the birds (and the bees)! The squirrels in our neighborhood must be severely "Twitterpated" because they are going after it left and right! Isn't nature wonderful?

Wani said...

I played Things in a Box at a big girls night with some friends awhile back. A few of my answers were playful... maybe a little suggestive... but nothing too bad. But it was enough that one friend feels the need to remind me that I'm not as sweet and innocent as I look by calling me "dirty bird" - especially in front of people I don't know... great first impression I'm sure!

Rose Starr said...

I love bird watching! All I see around here are those tiny finches though. Great post...totally funny.

scott said...

I thought this was supposed to be a family-friendly blog. What do I tell my 6-year old when she reads your post about BIRD SEX?

Sniz said...

Hey, I say tell the kids all about what is going on. It's a good life lesson.

Scott said...

"Anyway, that's what goes on at our house during the weekend. It's very exciting."

Were you still talking about the animals inside or outside?
Hope you had a GREAT weekend.