Sunday, February 24, 2008

MAN BLOGS!!!! - Part Deux

About a month ago, I singled out some blogs written by men. Now, it's not hard to find a blog written by a guy but so many of them are just plain crude. I've been scouring the Internet for blogs of substance and character (or at least good, quality entertainment value) written by men. If you missed the first installment of MAN BLOGS, be sure to give it a read.

And now, here's the second round of blogs. Enjoy!

  • Guy and Guy - The elder Guy is an old friend of mine from Ft. Wayne where he is currently serving as the Principal of a charter school. He's a terrific dude with a great sense of humor, impeccable taste and he plays a mean guitar. I wish he'd post more often. So, if you stop by, tell him to do so.
  • James' Random, Stimulating, Missional Spiritual Thoughts - He gets the award for the longest MAN BLOG blog name. I just started checking this site out and contributing to the conversation. I think I found this one thanks to Mr. E.
  • Least Significant Bits - One of my new favorite blogs. I think I noticed that he was commenting on some of the same blogs as me and decided to check him out. He's also an incredible photographer with an affinity for bolts. Be sure to check out his photo blog, too.
  • Random Bits and Bytes - Sort of the same story as Least Significant Bits, but he also features Bytes. How could you pass up both Bits and Bytes in one blog? This was another Mr. E connection.
  • Warrior's Hand - I found this one all by myself. He writes about being a dad and offers up great resources for us. Be sure to check him out.
Is there a MAN BLOG that I'm missing out on? If so, please let me know.

Note, you can always find my complete list of MAN BLOGS on the right side of the page.


Sniz said...

Yeah, maybe Guy and Guy will post more often!

Tech Daddy said...

That's for the plug. I'll have to check out the other man blogs you have listed.

By the way, I read your post a while back on husband and wife blogs. My wife got me started blogging. She has far more visitors than I do as she's the better blogger. If you ever do a part deux for that one, I'm putting us in for consideration. (Shameless plug warning) Her blog is

shay said...

man-blogs eh?! cool!
I'm gonna have a look and show the hubs, he has a bit of a mental block about the whole thing lol.

Drummer Chris said...

Thanks for reading!

Big Doofus said...


I would have included you on this post, but I just found you today.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Fort Wayne, eh? Spent a lot of time there. Will have to check Guy out.

Let's see...Man Blogs...

My dh runs a photo blog:

You're right. There IS a dearth of Man Blogs.

ThreeBills said...

My wife is blog friends with your wife so she (my wife) said to check your blog out. It is great to find some testosterone around here. I look forward to reading your older posts as I find my still youthful bloggy voice.

Dave Conklin said...

Thanks for linking to Warrior's Hand!

I'm enjoying reading your posts too...Doggy Doo, Burger King, Mayor McCheese....

What kind of blog is this anyway?

Ma said...

Just found this Man Blog. I enjoyed this post, anyway: