Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Honor God in all we doo

This post is NOT an advertisement. I don't even own a pet. However, I heard about this company and HAD to check out their web site. The company is called Pet Butler and according to their Mission, they exist to "Honor God in all [they] doo." What they "doo" is come to your house and remove the pet doo-doo.

First off, kudos to these fine folks for coming up with such an original idea. I consider myself to be a very creative person when it comes to employment but this one really takes the cake--and this is NOT the kind of cake you'd serve at a birthday party. Not only is this a real business, it's a franchise. If you've got the money and business savvy, you can start your very own Pet Butler business...dealing with "business."

Many McDonald's signs still feature the counter that keeps track of how many billion people have been served by the company. The good folks at Pet Butler have taken the same strategy with their franchise by incorporating the trademarked "Pet Butler Turdometer" on the top left side of the web page. At my last count it read "44,657,149 poops scooped." Congratulations!!!!

Even if you never plan to use a service like this, you should check out the web site just for the entertainment value. You might even wish to submit your own slogan for the company.


Sniz said...

HAHA! Where did you ever find this? Are you trying to give me a hint that this is something you'd think would be a good investment? I know the kids would be into it, especially Baylee.

Wani said...

wow! If we were pet-people I'd totally go for this service! But alas I don't see us having pets anytime soon.

Rebekah said...

Oh My Goodness. I just read your comment on my post. That would have been horrible. I knew exactly where you were headed with the story and kept waiting for you to say you knocked him out cold.

Glad everything turned out ok. But what a scare... and I can just imagine the guilt. Thanks for sharing your story and visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

I WOULD use this service if I didn't already have a butler for my dog called Pooper Picker Uppers AKA my 2 daughters.

I wonder if they are raking in the dough for picking up the poop?

Maybe they could weed whack the stuff into oblivion like my husband did ONCE!

eally said...

Ewwwww, I sure wouldn't want THAT job! I'm thankful we live on a LOT of land so our doggie just goes far away and does his business on another part of the property that we are not using!