Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winter Storm Warning--sort of

So, here it is--February in Central Indiana and I'm watching the weather radar on TV and online as another big thunderstorm with potentially damaging winds heads our way--and it's the second time in the last week. Sheeesh.

As for me, I like to worry about storms and weather...a lot. Somehow, I feel like it's my duty to make sure that we're ready to go into the basement and to show a lot of concern. Miss Sniz, on the other hand...doesn't have a care in the world. I think she could sleep through a tornado while riding on the top of a plane. I admire that.


Scott said...

I am totally the storm tracker in our family. I'm the man. I have to keep us safe.
My wife, on the other hand, feels that I'm silly for running to the radar screen when my spidey senses tingle.

But we're still alive, aren't we? You're welcome, Cindy.

Sniz said...

OK, I think you are exaggerating a little bit. You don't think it's your duty to show a LITTLE concern, but rather A LOT of concern. And you don't really admire my carefree "it's just a little storm" attitude. Come on, come clean! You think it's foolishness on my part, don't you? Pure and unadulterated foolishness.

eally said...

Hope you guys are okay! We are having some major storms here this morning. I woke up to hail. I saw online that 55 people died overnight through Arkansas, TN, KY, and AL so this wasn't just a little storm system that came through. My husband and I are both weather junkies but we live in Hurricane Central so we have to be! LOL

JAM said...

Worrying is quite exhausting.

We got direct hits, north eye wall of hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004. By the time the bad part got to us, we were so tuckered out from preparations, that we all slept for hours during the height of both storms.

I'm more the non-worrier type about storms though, and so is Lovely Wife. My daughters worry enough for all four of us.

I'd think the prospect of winter storms can be worse though. Hurricanes are warm weather things, where the cold and ice can kill.

Toni said...

We used to have one of those tornader thingies (a basement). Now? Why, now we have the economy version, a half bath built for six (not including cat, photos and necessary important documents).
"Honey, just sit one of the kids in the commode to make room for all of us, will ya? Now drop, duck and cover."