Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Remembering "The Daily Journal"

My blog writing days goes back to the days before there were blogs (It was just a few months after the invention of color television and toaster ovens). Two pals and I used to write in what we referred to as "The Daily Journal." It's still there to this day, but none of us are contributing to it anymore. We had a good strong run of about seven or eight years. Some of these daily entries are just too good to let go to waste and will provide an excellent way for me to fill in the gaps on days like today when I cannot think of anything to write. So, with that, we open up the TDJ vaults to 1998. Enjoy...

June 28, 1998
Something about this day always brings back a funny little memory from my past. It used to be that every Sunday daddy would take us to the trash dump to rummage about for anything useful. Daddy would take whatever we found and turn it into a profit. On one occasion, he made nearly fifty cents profit on an old shoehorn ("the kind with teeth, people should get beat up for statin' their beliefs"... but I digress). Anyway, there was one Sunday where I was working through the northeastern corner of the dump and was bitten by what appeared to be a nest of angry rats. The bites were severe and I lost a lot of blood. To top it all off, I developed some sort of neurological disease from an infection and was on bed rest for nearly a month. Come to think of it, it's not much of a funny little memory after all.

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scott said...

A moment of silence, please, as we remember The Journal.

Couldn't you at least have picked a mildly amusing entry to post here? You know, one written by, like, *ME*?