Saturday, July 21, 2007

Man vs. Coconut

One of our favorite shows in the Shumway household is Man vs. Wild starring Bear Grylls. The premise of the show is simple (and stupid at the same time): take the host and drop him off in some awful remote location all by himself (well, he has a camera crew, but they don't do anything for him unless it's life-threatening) where he has to survive and find help.

A recent episode of the show featured Bear on a Pacific island. One of the provisions on the island was coconuts and Bear had to demonstrate how to climb the tree to retrieve the fruit. At this point, I need to interject that one thing the wife and I have noticed about the show is the wealth of interesting facts and stories that are shared about survival. So, while climbing he shared this tidbit (and I'm quoting him word for word):

"People die every year from coconuts falling on their heads."

Now, you cannot laugh at this...right? It's not funny when people die. So, if you are laughing, you must stop immediately--and keep an eye overhead for coconuts.


Andrea said...

You forgot to mention that at least one time per episode, Bear pees on something for some important reason. I can't believe most of us are walking around, totally ignorant of how very useful pee is.

Robotface Shumway said...

For those of you who are following this conversation that my wife and I are having (we never talk at home), I just want to affirm that her comments about Bear Grylls and urine are no exaggeration. The last three episodes that we've watched have all involved urine.

1. While stranded on a Pacific island, Bear is stung by a jellyfish. The solution (and we've all heard this one): urinating on the sting will relieve the pain.

2. While braving the below-zero temperatures of the Scottish Highlands, Bear creates a hot water bottle for warmth in the middle of the night with...his own urine.

3. With his water canteen empty and no water to drink, Bear temporarily sustains his fluid levels on the hot, humid Australian Outback by drinking...HIS OWN URINE.

uvualpie said...

Urine can also be used in a pinch to thicken gravy, to tame flyaway hair, and as a transmission fluid substitute.