Sunday, July 8, 2007

From the pages of TDJ

More from the pages of The Daily Journal (why bother with coming up with something new when I can post this from 9 years ago--and it's actually quite ironic when you read it)...

July 16, 1998
Have you noticed that with the advent of the fax machine and the Internet (i.e. E-mail) we have this randomly floating humor? People just randomly send out humorous (sometimes) messages and images to one another via fax and e-mail. I wonder if the same phenomenon occurred when the telephone first came out. Can you imagine someone that you barely know or don't know at all calling you up just to tell you a joke? Odd, isn't it?

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Andrea said...

I don't know. I get daily humor calls from strangers and I appreciate their help coming up with clever conversation starters.