Monday, July 9, 2007

The Joy that is Sawasdee'

If you live in or near Indianapolis and like to try different places to eat, I highly recommend Sawasdee on the corner of 86th Street and Ditch Rd. In fact, I'll be heading there in just a few minutes for a bi-weekly ritual of #10--Thai Noodle Soup.

Sure, there are other Thai restaurants in Indy, but nothing comes close to this one. Ironically, the owner of the place goes by the name, "Ty."

They recently got in a new order of chop sticks ("chco sticks") with new (corrected instructions). Fortunately, I was able to scan the old instructions many months ago and will post them here for your enjoyment (click for detail):

If you are a big fan of "Engrish" like this, hop on over to However, note that there may be a few things on the page that are a bit off color.


Andrea said...

There's nothing like chopsticks to remind us of China's glonous history and cultual.

Hangman said...

#10 almost took my life today, but it was well worth it.

I will miss the chocosticks, because now I won't be able to pick up anything.

Wani said...

I don't see nothing rong with the instructions... I don't know what yer tocking about.