Monday, July 30, 2007

Geek Squad...EXTREME

Today I saw one of those Geek Squad vans on the road. If you're not familiar with them, they're a company that goes out and fixes computers--mostly for residential users. I think they've partnered with companies like Best Buy to take over all of their PC repair and installation work.

Anyway, this particular Geek Squad van was loaded up on top with a plethora of long ladders. Now, I've installed and even repaired a bunch of computers in my day. Sure, I can barely change the oil in my own vehicles, but I CAN diagnose and fix a respectable range of PC issues. But I've NEVER, EVER had to use a ladder. These guys must be really serious about fixing computers--or the ladders are just for show.


scott said...

In addition to computer repair work, they also rescue kittens from trees.

I've heard there is good money in that.

Robotface Shumway said...

The next time someone asks me if I'll help figure out why their PC is running so slow, I'll ask them to reboot and make sure they have a sturdy 40 foot extension ladder handy.

Andrea said...

I'll be sure to call on you the next time I can't access my email while I am stuck in a tree.

Anonymous said...

You had the lucky experience of witnessing the new G.S.I. (Geek Squad Installation) van, there will be a lot of these on the road by mid august. Best Buy has made the decision to roll the Magnolia Home Theater Installers into the Geek Squad brand. Soon the poor saps driving these vans (this includes me) will be sporting uniforms vaguely resembling SWAT team uniforms... Yay for us. (This comment posted anonymously to protect the humiliated!)