Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dreaming of Good Eats

The other night I had a dream that my favorite cooking TV show host, Alton Brown, left Good Eats to take what was supposed to be a better job. Furthermore, after this happened the town of St. Louis held a big telethon to raise money in order to deal with how devastated they were. Now, if you're saying to yourself, "This makes no sense at all. Isn't Alton Brown from Atlanta, anyway?", you're right. But that's the kind of crap that I dream about. Plus, when I woke up, I had pureed my wife's hair in a blender while sleeping. Scary.


Andrea said...

Oh...that explains it. I was wondering why I woke up with a new haircut. I wouldn't choose this choppy, ripped-up style, but hey! If you wake up and your hair is in a new style, you don't question it.

uvualpie said...

What about if you wake up and find a simmering pot of sawmill gravy next to you? What if it's redeye gravy? What if it isn't gravy at all but an amazing facsimile? What if I should just go to bed 'cause I'm pretty tired and these posts are making no sense? And how is that different from my posts where I'm wide awake and alert and hopped up on sausage gravy?