Monday, April 20, 2009

Has Facebook Taken Over My Desire to Blog

I love Facebook because it's just so easy to post something about your day and see what everyone else is up to. Since I've gotten into it I haven't been blogging as much. But I'm not about to let this thing die as I've been working on it for quite some time now. Besides, I wouldn't want to let down both of my regular readers.

Additionally, I find that I can go on with much more detail on my blog about life, earwax, meow meow butterpants, etc.

How about the rest of you...has Facebook had an impact on your blogging?


Arby said...

I quit blogging long before I ever heard of Facebook. Facebook could not replace blogging because Facebook does not allow me to indulge in my favorite hobby - writing. I hope that your creative endeavors continue on your blog, although I will certainly understand if you don't. Blogging was taking up entirely too much of my time and energy.

Scott said...

Facebook hasn't taken over my DESIRE to blog. But it has robbed me of some time that'd previously been alotted for blogging. I enjoy the substantial reads more than the oneliners of facebook. I use Google Reader, though, so most of my reading is not actually at peoples' blog and I comment less than I would otherwise. I enjoy reading and writing and hope to blog for a good long time and hope you do too.

hunnybeemay said...

It's taken some of my attention, yes. I admit it. It really is so easy to keep in touch and get around on FB. But I find my blogging is more focused when I make time to do it now. Less random posts, etc. since I get my 'randomness' out of my system on FB. Does that make sense?

My baby's screaming so I guess I should go be a good mother now.

Elephantschild said...

I'd comment, but I'm too busy messing around on Facebook...

More seriously; no, Facebook hasn't interfered with my blogging. Facebook is good for those quick observations and one-liners. I still find plenty to rant and rave about at length on my blog.

Randy said...


You are too funny! (Both of your readers!) I feel that way too. I think I have maybe four that read mine and your one of them.

I had this discussion with my friend Cindy already. She posed the same question regarding Facebook and the blogging. I do like FB but I feel like I'd be abandoning my child if I let my blog go.

Plus, there are times when a person needs to go into detail in a post that you normally can't do on a FB comment.


Toni said...

No, FB is not the reason for my blogging sag. Busyness, monotony, and,...Okay, so I know of a blogger who has 11,000 followers. That's eleven THOUSAND (and she's not even on tv or nuthin'). Putting out top notch stuff (tongue in cheeck) for my 18 followers is a thankless job, lol. But I do like me some FB too.