Thursday, April 9, 2009

Give Your Kid a Camera

I predict that in ten years or less you will be able to get a digital camera as a free toy in a McDonald's Happy Meal. I'm only half kidding. The price of digital cameras has dropped so much that it's no big deal for a child to have one. In fact, if you kids have cell phones they probably already have a phone.

Just like anything, a child can get into trouble with technology and abuse it (the same can be said for adults). But my ten year old girl, "Snip", has a camera and I love to look at the things she decides photograph. Here's a sample of some of her most recent work...

1. Legs Dangling Behind Bunk bed

2. Snip's Favorite Bible

3. Cousin Kylie

(True story: Kylie lives three houses down from us and we recently discovered that we are related!)

4. Sasha the Build-a-Bear Striking a Pose

5. Crab Tree Falls

This last picture is spectacular. Be sure to click on it to see a larger version. This little girl may have an eye for photography.


Mr. E said...

My Daughter used that Bible when she was younger. That last picture was awesome!

Reese said...

that's a cute bible! lol
i also love the build a bear pose! to cute :)

Steve Martin said...

Great shots!

At my house, we are still waiting for the price to come down on color T.V.'s.

(my Dad used that one for about 12 years)

Toni said...

I want to get my kids digitals as well, NOT for printing but just for creativity and so they can create online albums at Flickr, etc.

Btw, Snip did a great job. I happen to love the feet dangling. Very artsy!

hunnybeemay said...

Love her pics. Very creative. I especially like the legs shot. Too funny!

eally said...

We've been giving Dakota cameras (at first the disposable his own digital one) since he was 4 yrs old. He loves taking pictures and has always been very good at it. I love seeing some of the "odd" things he likes capturing on film - too funny! That last picture was spectacular!!